How Do I Join a Fraternity?

  • Registering with the Interfraternity Council (IFC):


    If you want to participate in the recruitment process, the earlier you register with the IFC the better. Registration is required for anyone interested in joining an IFC fraternity. In order to expedite the process, the IFC has set up an online registration system. There is a $40 non refundable fee associated with registering until Tuesday, January 10th at 4:00pm.  The fee will increase to $60 after Tuesday for late processing. You can no longer register after Friday.








    Step 1: Sign Up and Pay for RecruitmentEven if you signed up, paid, and did not join in the fall quarter, you still have to sign up and pay for the Winter 2017 process before blue card signing on Org Sync. 


    Recruitment Eligibility:

    Full-time enrollment at UCLA is required in order to be eligible to participate in recruitment and join a fraternity. A full-time student is one who is taking twelve units per quarter, excluding community college and extended studies.


  • Step 2: Research Fraternities

    Step 3: Review the Recruitment Schedule Here

    Step 4: Review the Rules of Recruitment

    Step 5: Review the Recruitment Tips Page


    Click on the mobile link for "Recruitment On The Go":